Welcome to Tree Spider's. Tree Service.

Welcome to Tree Spider's. Tree Service., your best destination for outstanding tree services in Hobbs, NM and the surrounding area. With 13 years of experience as a tree pruner and trimmer, I have the experience and top-quality equipment needed to provide exceptional, reliable, and fast tree care service.

Some of the residential and commercial tree services I offer include:

With a wide range of services that suit your every need and requirement, I have the know-how and expertise to get done what you need to be done. No matter what time of year or how big your trees can get, I have the equipment and skills needed to tame any tree. For a complete description of all the residential and commercial tree services I provide, please contact me at Tree Spider's. Tree Service. today.

10% Discounts for Senior Citizens, Military, & First Responders

Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous Tree Removal

If you have trees that are unsightly or pose a hazard to your property, Tree Spider's. Tree Service. provides expert hazardous tree removal tree services to help free up space and keep your property...

Tree Pruner

Tree Pruner

Trees require just as much maintenance as any other part of your yard! With Tree Spider's. Tree Service.'s tree pruning and tree trimming services, you can have your tree shaped and pruned the...

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